Wednesday, May 28, 2014

McDuffie, Russell Blog Post 1

     I had not really heard much about EDM 310 before enrolling into it this summer. As soon as I saw the syllabus I knew this was not going to be like any class I have ever been in before. I would not say that I "fear" anything in regards to this class, but I can tell that I will have to adjust my methods of class preparation. It is obvious that this is a class that you must stay on schedule and completing your work within the given deadlines. 
     Coming from a background primarily in History courses will pose an interesting contrast to this class. The most advanced technology that is used in those courses is Microsoft Word for writing papers. My previous History courses were more centered around hearing a professor's lecture, retaining it, and then being able to repeat the information back in a paper or test (BURP, BURP). In EDM 310, instead of being explained the information over and over through lecture, I will instead be following instructions and learning as I complete each assignment. Time management will be the most difficult aspect of EDM 310 that I must overcome. Sticking to a schedule of precise due dates has never been one of my strong suits. The best way to correct my time management difficulties will be through staying organized and ahead of the required dates. After our first meeting I walked out somewhat wide-eyed and worried but I know that if I just stay on top of the assignments this will be a class that I can learn a lot from. I am excited to experience a method of education contrary to anything I have ever experienced before. 
     I do not really have any other questions at the moment. I know that if I do have any that I have been given a large amount of methods in which I can get in touch with either Dr. Strange or an assistant from the department. 
     I am kind of a Podcast nerd and figured I would share another that I enjoy listening to that is Historically themed. Unlike the heavier Dan Carlin that I wrote about in my previous post, Stuff You Missed in History Class, is broken into 30 minute segments and talks about more broad topics that you may have learned about at some point, but cannot really remember. A great source for any history lover!
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  1. In a summer course staying on time or ahead is even more important!

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  2. Russell,
    I too come from an education background where the basis of learning was simply retaining information and being able to spit it back out, only to be lost within two days. I too am excited about experiencing a new form of education. As you said, it is important to stay on time with assignments in order to meet the requirements Dr. Strange has presented us with. Good luck this semester!