Sunday, June 1, 2014

McDuffie, Russell's Blog Post #2

 The video "Mr. Dancealot" illustrates a professor teaching a dance class. As the video progresses the viewer notices that the course on dancing is being taught completely through the use of lecture and PowerPoint. The author does this in order to show that there are much more effective methods of teaching the subject to the students. Instead of having the students engage and practice the moves that the professor is explaining, they are taught through their writing down of the movements. After teaching the students all of the dances that are required on his final exam, the professor then expects them to exercise these moves with a partner. The conclusion of the video shows the students attempting to look through their written notes in order to execute these dances. They are all confused because they have never physically engaged in the movements with a partner. This shows that while they may have been lectured all of the needed material for the dances, they had no practical experience with this dance material in order to have learned the dances. I agree with the conclusion of this video. It shows that just having the students write down and memorize the data does not mean that they have a complete understanding or mastery of the information. 

Teaching in the 21st Century 

    In Kevin Roberts, "Teaching in the 21st Century", he shows how the education system is undergoing an evolution. Roberts shows that education must harness the advantages being created through technology. He argues that teaching today must now become more about going beyond teaching facts to the student, but also about how showing students how to use this information. By using social methods such as Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and Blogger, students will be able to not only have their own voice on a subject, but also be able to compare their own with others around the world. This system creates a forum in which this knowledge can be interpreted and mastered by both parties of the discussion. Roberts points out that students now have instant access to unlimited information, this leads to educators adapting their roles in order to allow the students to maximize their skills in the use of this knowledge. He raises excellent points about the future role of teachers in the future. I do agree that we, as educators, must adapt to a new generation of teaching in order to best cultivate our student's skills in all aspects of their lives. 

The Networked Student    

 "The Networked Student" shows how learning will take on a new form in the 21st century. Instead of only having one source for information on a subject, the teacher, students will now be able to rely upon multiple sources in order to learn. By using Podcasts, iTunes U, Blogs, and making social connections, students will be able to create a more rounded curriculum on any given subject. Through the utilization of all the information hubs, students will have the ability to learn at a higher rate than ever before. Teachers will now be a tool that will assist the student in creating this network of knowledge as opposed to being the only source of the knowledge. 

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

     Davis uses all forms of technology in order to teach her class. She states that just using paper and pencil leads to some students not being able to fulfill their highest potential. I agree with her argument that technology use in the classroom allows each student to be able to have a higher ceiling of learning as well as obtaining a greater mastery of the material.
Keyboard with Enter Key that says Learn
The creation of a more globally connected course allows for her students to experience other parts of the world that they had never had access to before. 

Flipping the Classroom

     I had never heard of the approach of "flipping" prior to viewing this video. I can definitely see how this method would be a more beneficial form of learning for the students. By allowing the students to know the information that they will be working on the day before, they will have a general understanding before entering the classroom. It also gives them the ability to be able to teach and learn it on their own. By having the "lecture" portion of the assignment already completed, the educator now has more time to work with each group or individual students that may need some assistance. 


  1. I have never thought of many of the ways that education could be approached until viewing these videos. It's honestly just amazing what technology has been able to bring to the world of education. I graduated high school two years ago, which to me honestly feels like no time at all, I believed our school was top of the line when it came to technology, simply because we had Smartboards in every classroom. Now, once again only two short years later, every student in from my former school now has a Macbook Air, and almost everything is turned in digitally. With the technology advancements moving so rapidly in today's society, we as future teachers must make constant strives to be up to date on all the latest learning tools, in order to ensure our students succeed.

  2. Russell, the way you summarized the various teaching methods, from the videos were SUPER! Overwhelming, its authors, like Davis, who uses "creation of a more globally connected course allows for her students to experience other parts of the world", as you mentioned, to teach and discover numerous ways of exploration in a innovative technology. The uses of social network is viral. Roberts, stated you can use it anytime , anywhere, and on anything. You expressed the "lecture and dance" technique, by Mr. Dancelot, showing the confusion and lack of understanding how to grasp a dance. What will students do, if all the paper and pen are wiped off the shelves at your local store? mmm....

  3. Overall, great job on your post! It was well thought out and thorough.

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    1. I appreciate your input! I believe I have corrected the links issue for my posts. Thanks

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