Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Blog Post #10

What Can We Learn From Mrs. Cassidy?

Mrs. Cassidy is a first grade teacher in Moose Jaw, Canada. She uses technology and project-based learning methods in order to instruct her class. In her video, Little Kids...Big Potential, a compilation of many of the kids at work is shown. It is very entertaining to see such young students being able to be so comfortable with technology. The students walk the viewer through the many different tools they use to enhance their learning. Items such as blogs, SMART Boards, and even Nintendo DS are used to give the student a very rewarding learning environment.

Technology in the Classroom

In Dr. Strange's interview with Mrs. Cassidy, they discuss how important the use of technology in the classroom is for modern day students. Mrs. Cassidy emphasizes the fact that the way students used to learn in the past is not going to be successful with today's students. She states that students do not have to "power down" when they come to class anymore. By having the same technology used in the class that they have at home, they are able to continue to build upon their prior computer knowledge. Students now have so many more resources at their fingertips because of the internet. Through the use of blogging and wiki pages her students are able to not only use the computer for their work, but also show it off to the world. Mrs. Cassidy discusses how being able to share their work brings so much excitement to the students. Obviously if the students are excited about what they are working on, they will want it to be high quality. Mrs. Cassidy can teach us that her use of technology in the classroom can allow us to maximize a student's learning potential by using the technologies available today.


  1. Russell I liked the way Mrs. Cassidy provided opportunities and adapt different ways for her students to learn how to improve their writing skills, spelling and words on the Nintendo DS, and have students use the same techniques at school and home. I agree, watching the students get excited when blogging and comments back from all over the world they valued the experiences and knowledge Mrs. Cassidy implements into her classroom environment. As I learn I will take that same approach to maximize my abilities, talents, and growth of using technology to better my education as often as possible.

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  3. What difficulties do you think you might encounter when introducing technology into your future classroom? Be sure to include links to all of the videos.