Sunday, July 13, 2014

Blog Post #13

In the video, Teaching History in the 21st Century, Thomas Ketchell discusses the ways in which today's history teachers have begun to adapt new methods of teaching. He talks about how the old outdated methods of teaching history are no longer able to capture the interest of today's students. 

The first example he gives is of his own creation. He discusses how he used Twitter in order to discuss London's Great Smog of 1952. By using the hash-tag, #GreatSmog, he tweets as though he is an individual living through that event. By using this perspective he is able to make the Great Smog come to life for his students and followers. This method allows for the use of technology that the students can utilize and also engage them by making it seem as though it is a real-time event. 

Great Smog

The second method he discusses is the creation of a student. By using the game, Minecraft, the student is able to actively engage himself with the material he was covering in his history class. The student creates an entire Roman Bathhouse on this program that he can connect with. From this creation he actually learned to speak Latin and eventually began giving virtual tours of his creation. This is an amazing example of a student's creativity that actually helped him to process the material. 

Minecraft Roman Bath House

The final example in the video is about educator, Enrique Legaspi  who also uses Twitter to reach his history students. Collaboration between the students is amplified through the use of Twitter. They are able to discuss a topic or event through a common hash-tag. He has seen an increase in student participation and even participation from the more reserved students. This has led to all of his students feeling they have a role in the classroom. 

I feel that these methods discussed would definitely aid my history education. The incorporation of tools such as Twitter would allow for more collaboration among me and my classmates. The creation of 3D models through the Minecraft engine is something that i would be very interested in. It would be a very exciting project to build a replica of historical buildings. 

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