Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blog Post 14/15

I feel that EDM310 has really opened my eyes to just how much education has changed. When I was in high school there were hardly any types of technology available for the students to use. Now every single student has access to either an iPad or Macbook. These tools have become an essential part of a student's education. This course has helped me to become more comfortable with the many types of Project Based learning that I will have to adapt to when I begin my teaching career. While I have definitely not completely grasped all of the concepts, I do feel as though I am well on my way. I would say that my strengths in regards to PBL and technology as a whole are well suited for today's modern education. I am very comfortable with many different programs that we have used and if not have been able to adjust quickly. I believe that I am a fast learner and will be able to help my students access the full capabilities of the technology they have available to them today. I will also say that I still have some weaknesses that I need to work on. My organizational skills are lacking and that is not a very good characteristic to have as an educator. I need to stay organized so that I can keep track of my students many projects. I also think that i need to develop a larger network of professional resources that I can use for inspiration to advance my own teaching methods in the future.


The video, How to Make an Audio QR Code, was very interesting to me. I did not know that you can assign audio to a QR Code. I always thought that QR Codes were only used to pull up pictures or websites. This could be an excellent tool to relay information to students as well as their parents.

The use of iPads in the videos, iPad Reading Centers, Poplet, Alabama Virtual Library, and iMovie Trailers show the multitudes of ways that iPads can be such an effective way of teaching. They are so versatile and will only continue to get better as more apps are developed. The iPad Reading Centers seems like an excellent way for students to hear themselves read the stories back to themselves. Practicing this allows for the student to hear where they messed up and also go back through the material for a second time. Poplet is an excellent PBL tool that the students use to complete their project. They must look up information/images and then place them in the diagram in order to present them to the class. Alabama Virtual Library is a great online resource that the students can go to for info on book. 

The Build a Board video gives an example of another way that iPads are great tools for PBL. The kids set up their virtual "Board" that shows the information they have collected on a particular subject. After they have completed the assignment they then present their findings to the class. 

In Twitter for Educators and We All Become Learners the focus is on technology not only changing education, but also the educators themselves. Twitter is discussed as a very insightful resource that can bring the ideas of the entire world right to your computer screen. Twitter gives the ability to listen and respond to education professionals instantly. These new technologies have also turned the table on the balance of learning in the classroom. The students are no longer the only individuals who are learning. Teachers are actually being taught by their students now! Technology allows for students to be able to show off what they have learned to their classmates as well as their teachers. As educators we must keep our eyes and ears open because we never know what we are going to learn next.

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