Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blog Post #7

21st Century Learning Tools
We have already learned about many different technologies in EDM310  that will assist us in the future as educators. While Dr. Strange has introduced us to many that he is familiar with, there is still a wealth of resources out there to discover. In this post I will look at different tools that I believe will help me not only as a Social Studies teacher, but also as a coach.

XOS Digital is a sports technology company that is developing new methods for coaches to use in video editing. Through the use of touch screens and projection devices coaches are now able to quickly relay information to their players. Looking at film from practice as well as games allow coaches to teach and correct their players. Through the utilization of communication tools such as these, coaches are able to be more efficient.
XOS Digital In Touch System

Football Playcard is another football coaching resource. It is an app that makes drawing up plays a lot more convenient. It is currently available in the iTunes store. This app allows your iPhone or iPad to turn into a drawing board for offensive plays. This method is a lot quicker and more efficient than old paper and pen playbook creation methods.

Google Earth and Google Maps are two resources that every Social Studies teacher should utilize. These tools give a visual representation for the area of that is being discussed. Students are able to see exactly where historical events took place. Teachers have begun to utilize these engines to make them even more beneficial for their students. ActiveHistory has a database of Google Earth resources that create overlays over the maps. 3D models of buildings such as the Taj Mahal, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Great Pyramid of Giza allow teachers to show students ancient civilizations more closely than ever before. Overlays are also useful because they give a more interactive view of things such as battlefields on the map.
D-Day Map Overlay


  1. Really great post! Football Playcard could be useful for players of all ages. Active History seems like a program that would really engage your students. Be sure to include the link where your photos originated from in your Alt Tag modifiers.

  2. Football Playcard would be great to use for coaches and the players. Using Google Earth and Google Maps would be a great way to show students where historical events have happened. Active History will be great to show students different places in the world and they will be able to see where they are in the world and how big they are. These are all really good sources to use!