Sunday, June 8, 2014

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The PEGeek is a site dedicated to "Bridging the gap between Physical Education and ICT" (ICT is Information and Communication Technologies) The website creator, Jarrod Robinson from Victoria, Australia, provides an excellent resource so that other teachers can stay well informed on helpful technologies or applications that they can take advantage of. In this blog post he talks about many helpful apps that he has developed or highly recommends for fellow PE teachers. The first three apps listed below were developed by Jarrod himself. 

Music Beep Test App
Exercises such as Shuttle Run (Instead of annoying Beep, you can use songs from a playlist instead. The songs can be ranked by Beats Per Minute (BPM) so that the music gets faster as the test gets more intense. Also gives results (Poor, Good, Excellent) of your shuttle test by age. This app would be an excellent way for the students to enjoy doing the test as they listened to the music. It always seems more entertaining to have music playing as you work out. By having music at the same pace that you are moving, the shuttle test could seem to go by more quickly.

Sport Search - The Ultimate Sports Word Find
This app allows for individuals who may not be able to participate in the physical activity to be able to have an activity to work on for themselves. Also uses sport terminology to introduce to people who have never heard it before. I like how this application keeps all students included in it. Even though some physically disabled kids may not be able to participate in many PE activities, this activity would be accessible to everyone.

Tube Downloader
Application that allows for instructional videos to be downloaded in order to be accessed later when away from WiFi. This is an excellent idea for an app. Obviously PE coaches are not always around wireless internet on the fields or in the gym. This app gives them the ability to already have the videos or instruction they need saved and waiting for them to access them without having to worry about having internet access.

Bit Gym
This is not one of his apps. It was created by Virtual Active and Bit Breaker. This app turns most devices into a running path for creativity while jogging. It allows the runner to feel like they are moving through a different environment as they work out. The camera on the device also tracks the pace at which you are running.

The PE Geek Mobile App

In this post Mr. Robinson discusses his new application that he has created for his website The PEGeek. This app gives users access to nearly all aspects of the website. From your mobile device you can view his most recent blog posts, view his workshop schedule, listen to the PEGeek Podcast and download many of his other apps. This app gives an excellent all around resource for PE teachers that can be used on the go.

After downloading the app I found that it was very easy to operate and ran very smoothly. It looks polished and well made. Two big positives about the PE Geek Mobile App were the large databases of helpful videos and teacher-friendly apps. I could see this app being a valuable resource for teachers of all types on a daily basis.


  1. Your link took me to the post you discussed. I am puzzled how you got to that post since Mr. Robinson has many more posts since then but I won't worry about that now. Your summary is quite good. But where is your commentary on a second post written by Mr. Robinson?

  2. Sorry about the confusion. I have corrected this post and added my second commentary.