Sunday, June 22, 2014

C4Ta #2

MasterCoach Mystery Bag Challenge

In his blog, JonesytheTeacher, Brendan Jones writes about different methods and tools he uses for his PE classes. He uses this site as a way of sharing many of the effective ways he teaches his students.
MasterCoach Mystery Bag

In this post he discusses an activity he has created to get his students to think about how the games they play work. This is an interesting method because it makes the kids work together and use the items they are given to create a game of their own. Not only does it promote team-work, but also critical thinking because they have to create rules in which the game will be executed. After creating the game with the random items given, they then have to explain how the game will work to the  rest of the class. This is also important because it gives them practice at giving a presentation. Once the game is initiated he continues to ask them questions about the game such as: (How can it be made better? What would you change?) Not only is this game focusing on the physical aspects of PE, but also their mental problem-solving.

GoPro in PE

Mr. Jones discusses how recording video can be helpful during physical activity in this post. He talks about how he used his GoPro camera during one of his classes in order to get the player's point of view during a game of rugby. This is a really cool video because it shows the real-time action up close. I could see how this could be useful for football coaches and players. By being able to see what the player did on the field from this point of view, coaches could help correct and show them their mistakes. It would allow for a better understanding of plays by the players. This is another great example of how technology can be very beneficial in sports.
GoPro Mount

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