Sunday, June 8, 2014

McDuffie, Russell Project #15 - Search Engines

Bing is Microsoft's search engine. It is a very similar style to Google in the way it operates. Many of Microsoft's online sites such as MSN are also accessible from this site. It would be best used for common searches such as websites, images and videos.


Yahoo Search is run through the Yahoo website. It primarily brings you to sources affiliated with Yahoo more than any others. Since they cover so many different topics on their site I got somewhat bogged down when looking at their results page. I would only use it if I used Yahoo Mail as my primary email account.

Mercy-Designs is a search site that has tried to differentiate itself from the others. While it does take simple search parameters in its engine, the company has instead marketed itself as a "question" search engine.  You ask a question in the bar and it gives you either an answer or websites the answer is located. While it did not work as well as other engines listed before, I did like how it showed a couple of the most popular answers to the question on the sidebar.

Lycos is also a standard search engine that gives many of the same categories to search by such as Images and Videos similar to Google and Bing. It is a very simple website that is pretty much "bare bones" in terms of how it looks. It worked quickly but did not seem to gather near as many results to my search query.

Yummly is a website created for the single purpose of locating recipes. I had never heard of the website prior to this assignment but must say I am very happy I found it! The search function was very simple and almost any type of food you can think of was quickly located with a picture included.

WebMD is the most well known medical database on the internet. It is used to search for symptoms to ailments primarily. By typing in what type of condition you are experiencing, it gives you results that could give the reader better knowledge of what is causing their sickness. It is an                                                             excellent medical site that is easily accessible and fast to use.

Zillow is a search engine used to locate real estate that is for sale. You can limit your search to many different categories such as For Rent, For Sale, Location, Price and so on. Just by typing in a zip code you are able to see all land and houses that are for sale in the area. It also has an                                                               interactive map that is easy to use and very helpful at showing                                                                       surrounding areas.


WolframAlpha is a specialized engine that gives you much more than just "results" to your query. It is a scientific engine that gives you facts to your questions. Calculations to mathematical problems are also a specialty of this site. Not only will it give the numerical answer to a mathematical equation, but also plots on graphs and other forms of the answer that could be needed. 

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